VERY magazine was launched on September 5th, 1997 by Uscha Pohl.

A new online version of the magazine is currently being developed, with a launch date of spring 2013. It's in the 'preview' stage and you can check out the latest issues on it, here:

Uscha Pohl’s work formative years were spent in fashion in Europe in the early '90s: as PA and muse to Vivienne Westwood, then as general manager of the Japanese fashion label Koji Tatsuno. Apart from making sure collections were made in the first place, Pohl was in charge of everything international, particularly the Paris catwalk shows, their organization and liaising with the PR. One main impression remained: press & media only come so close to what they represent.

So when launching her own magazine, the mission was clear: to work with the individual as much as possible, to represent his / her views, rather than that of the magazine. To be a platform for creative expression, the subjective point of view of the individual. As everything in life is subjective, here at VERY that particular point of view was going to be the one of the represented - the VERY Hero, him or herself.

At the same time those featured were to be a mix of young and new and established, known, or to be known in future, maybe. "There" or "getting there" as Pohl calls it in her first foreword, in VERY 1. People from different walks of life, various creative fields, interests or missions, VERY was to be a publication to inspire.

By putting their work first, let them represent themselves, choose who would represent them, or directly collaborate with Pohl, the magazine became a modern and dynamic publication partaking in creating culture. A great favourite was - and is - to let people create their own pages entirely.

"VERY" was the perfect title: the adjective on the cover simply enhances what follows as contents in the magazine.

Today, VERY is known as one of the first magazines focusing on the fashion-art hybrid. Featuring art, fashion, design and ideas it is strong while understated in look and memorable with its matt, high quality paper. Powerful is the very personal mix of subjects, which has retained its integrity through all these years.

VERY quickly gained cult status as modern collectible. VERY contributors and heroes have included Hedi Slimane, Cindy Sherman, Philippe Découflé, Marie-Hélène de Taillac, Fred Sathal, Richard Prince, Martin Creed, François Dagognet, Danakil, Jenny Bel’air, Anthony Haden-Guest, Matthew Collings, Mark Borthwick and Steven Klein.

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All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl.